Tetske's experience as a Nurse in England

Tetske went to England to work as a nurse right after her studies! Here you can read more about her experience with TMI and the hospital.

After her graduation Tetske Ekhart started working as a Staff Nurse in England through TMI.

After graduating, I naturally wanted to work as soon as possible. Next to that, I really had the wish to improve my English. When I saw the possibility of working as a nurse in England the decision was easily made to work through TMI.

As a nurse, a NMC registration is required to start in England. When I started to work in the UK my registration was not yet complete, but I could already start working as Health Care Assistant.

Meanwhile, my registration is completed and I now work as a Staff Nurse, so that I can carry out all tasks and get paid more.

"I find the courses offered by the hospital very useful."

If you are insecure when carrying out tasks after receiving your PIN number, the Sister (nurse with more experience on each department) is still a couple of weeks with you, so that you become familiar with the process. The guidance is very good. The nurses are calm and patient even if your English is not up to level.

My English was not outstanding before departing to the UK, but it has improved quickly.

My colleagues were very understanding when I didn’t understand a word, they didn’t have any problems with repeating words in English.

Due to a shortage of hospital staff, the workload is currently high. A big advantage is that you can easily switch between departments within the hospital. In the Netherlands, you often have to have two years’ work experience if you would like to switch between departments.

The trainings provided in UK hospitals are very useful.

"In some areas they are behind in England. Men and women are for example on separate departments. However, it is special to experience these differences."

What really strikes me is the hierarchy embedded in the British culture. I also noticed that they sometimes are behind compared to the Netherlands with methods applied in the hospital. For example, everything is listed on papers instead of computer systems and men and women are in separate sections. I think that is very old-fashioned, but it is also special to experience these differences.

Working in England is highly recommended if you are just graduated! On the one hand it’s a huge challenge, but on the other hand, I really learned a lot.

I have built more self confidence in my work and now I’m extremely good in time management. I think I’m very well prepared for the Dutch field!

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