In the following you find further information about the conditions of working and living in Belgium. We would like to give you an insight into the country, community and culture to get to know this little country a bit better.

Working and Living in Belgium

Belgium is an attractive country when it comes to working and living conditions. In the following sections you will get to know the country a little better and might consider looking for a job there. In any case TMI is here to inform and advise you!

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Belgium is a small but very international country in the western part of Europe. Its direct neighbours are the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the North sea. Its capital Brussels assembles a number of European institutions and is therefore also home to people of various countries and cultures. This is only one of the reasons why Belgium has been an attractive working destination for a lot of foreigners. For European citizens it is also very easy to live and work in Belgium since it is not necessary to apply for a visa right from the start. Only after 3 months you have to formally apply for residence permit at your local community.


Belgium and especially its capital Brussels are a melting pot of a variety of cultures. The entire country is very international so basically any nationality can feel at home. This is also the reason why there is no typical Belgian, especially because the country is split in Dutch and French-speaking parts. However, the mentality in general is very open-minded, friendly and international.

In terms of food, Belgium is famous for its beer, fries, waffles and chocolate, which can be found at every street corner at every hour of the day.


Belgium is a high-standard European country, where it can be difficult to find convenient living space in the bigger cities. However, even living in the rural areas, with a longer way to work can be great since the public transport is amazingly developed. Similarly to the Netherlands, the country is rather flat, so riding your bike to work and in your free time is an actual joy and a really fast way to get around. 

The cost of food in general is normal in relation to your salary. If you really want to get the best produce for your money, you should consider going to a local market.

Free time:

Belgium has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to free time activities. There are a lot of museums about Flemish art and history for the historically interested, beautiful cities to visit and a lot of parks, both green parks as well as theme parks. The absolute highlight of Belgium is its capital Brussels which is also called ‘Venice of the north’ and is worth a city trip.

Please consider before you leave:

When you have decided to move to Belgium in order to boost your dental career, there are a few more things you will need to consider before you start your life abroad.

- health insurance
- accommodation
- Belgian bank account
- registration at your local community/ residence permit
- language

If you have further questions about the country or any steps along the way, you can always contact our account managers, who will help you with all organizational matters before the start of your new job.

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